Lost your glow? How to keep skin happy and healthy, even in a pandemic

by Christina Schroder

Pandemic skin is something that a lot of us are faced with right now (see what we did there??).

A mixture of a reduced exercise and fresh food consumption, add in maskne –(acne caused by wearing a mask), a change in seasons, heating & cooling, stress, hormones and home schooling; it’s no wonder our skin is left feeling tired, dull, congested and dehydrated.

So, what can we do to reduce inflammation, strengthen the skin’s barrier and see a change in our complexion for the better (in other words, get your glow back)?

Apart from a little Vitamin D, including more wholefoods into our diet, moving our bodies and slowing down our breathing or adding some time for rest or meditation, a few changes to your skincare routine can also make a huge difference.

Step 1 – Always make sure you’re cleansing both morning and night with a gentle cleanser – even if you’re not wearing makeup.

Your cleanser should make your skin feel clean and comfortable, never dry or tight. Natio’s Gentle Facial Cleansing Oil is perfect for the job. It breaks down make up, leaves skin smooth and supple and works for all skin types.

Natio Gentle Facial Cleansing Oil
 Step 2 – Introduce AHA’s, BHA’s & PHA’s: Alpha/ Beta / Plant Hydroxy Acids.

These acids are a gentle and effective way to breakdown dead skin and give the face a really good clean. This will help with any breakouts from wearing masks or hormonal acne. Most skincare containing these acids is formulated without physical exfoliating beads, making it great for problematic skin. They’ll avoid over stimulating sebum production, which can sometimes happen with aggressive over-exfoliating from a physical exfoliant.

Our pick? Try the Treatments Radiant Skin Exfoliating Wipes. These pre-soaked, ready-to-use biodegradable wipes work to gently dissolve away dead skin cells without abrasion. The result is a smoother skin texture and healthy, radiant, glowing complexion.

Natio Treatments Radiant Skin Exfoliating Wipes

Step 3 – add Ceramides to strengthen a damaged skin barrier 

If skin is feeling irritated, rough, red and you’re seeing more lines, wrinkles and indicators of dehydration, these could all be signs of a depleted skin barrier.

The answer to rebuilding the lipids within your skin and strengthening its barrier? Easy, ceramides.

Ceramides are natural lipids (oils) found within the skin that naturally make up over 50 per cent of its natural composition. Ceramides are an essential part of maintaining the skin’s balance. They help shield it from dehydration and protect against external and environmental irritants (like sun damage, age, environmental aggressors), which aids in maintaining skin moisture, elasticity and plumpness.

For a daily moisturiser that incorporates Ceramides, consider the Treatments Skin Renewal Ceramide Line & Wrinkle Cream. You’ll feel glowier in a flash!

Natio Treatments Skin Renewal Ceramide Line & Wrinkle Cream

Or for a deeper targeted approach, try the Treatments Plant Peptide Line & Wrinkle Serum

Natio Treatments Plant Peptide Line & Wrinkle Serum

Step 4 – if skin is truly sensitive, or you’ve been neglecting it, consider Natio’s new Calm Range.

Fragrance-free, sensitivity tested and with ingredients like Oat Kernel to soothe, Willow Bark to calm and Vitamin E to naturally help strengthen skin’s protective barrier, your skin will thank you for it. It’s a gentle approach to ease you back into skincare and provide some much needed nurturing.

Natio Calm Skincare - for sensitive skin
 Step 5 – stay clean and cleansed!

Wash your mask often (if it’s reusable), replace your mask if it’s disposable, change your pillowcase weekly, increase your water consumption and remember, your skin is your largest organ – it needs a little TLC too.