Benefits of Massage

massage for health and well-being

In addition to being delightfully relaxing, a professional massage has a number of tangible benefits for the body and mind.

Natio worked closely with the experienced team at Marigold Relaxation in Melbourne to develop two massage oils for the Home Happiness range. In his daily work, owner and trained massage therapist Steven Barbarić sees how massage can improve our physical and mental well-being:

"Most people have very busy and demanding lives, so going for a massage is a rare opportunity for a little dedicated me-time. At Marigold Relaxation, we have created a peaceful and serene environment that lets you unwind and immediately forget about the outside world. Our experienced therapists tailor the massage to your individual needs to ensure that when you leave, your body is relaxed, your mind calm and your energy levels restored."

says Steven.

A good massage can also help improve blood circulation, ease muscle pain, reduce stress and anxiety, stimulate the lymphatic system, and aid digestion and sleep. A lot of visitors come to Marigold Relaxation with specific issues, such as tension and stiffness from prolonged desk work, back pain or chronic fatigue, and use massage to release both muscle and mental stress.

"I often meet sceptics who think massage is a waste of time but who are completely converted once they've felt the transformative power of a professional massage. Regular massages can help relieve and counteract many of the aches and discomforts that are typical of our modern lifestyles, from sore muscles and poor posture to sleeplessness and stress. The pampering aspect is of course a bonus that most people really appreciate."

says Steven.

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