Home Happiness Story

about home happiness

Home is our sanctuary in a busy life, where we rest and recharge, feel at peace and create memories with loved ones.

Featuring 100% pure and natural essential oils, Natio's Home Happiness range brings the serenity of nature indoors to infuse well-being into every aspect of home life.

Similar to music, scents can set the mood and turn a house into your home. Natio's pure fragrances put serenity at your fingertips and instantly transform your living room into a welcoming oasis, your bathroom into a luscious garden and your bedroom into a tranquil retreat.

Simply light an oil burner with your favourite essential oils or essential oil blends to fill the room with aromatic ambiance. Calm the body and mind as you immerse yourself in a warm fragrant bath or massage away tension and stress.

Made in Australia, Natio's Home Happiness range is centred around essential oils powered by the sun and Mother Nature. The supreme purity of these plant nectars encourages the most exquisite, authentic and complex aromas. Unlike synthetic fragrances, essential oils also have profound benefits for our well-being in their capacity to boost the spirit and inspire the senses.

The comprehensive range includes single pure essential oils, pure essential oil blends, carrier oils, home scent spray mists, massage oils and accessories.