3 tips to maximise your blush - natural colours for natural looks

3 tips to maximise your blush - natural colours for natural looks

by Allison Harvey

The best blush can elevate your makeup look, help your skin look more youthful and add a glow to your complexion that will enhance your natural beauty. Here we offer 3 key steps to get the best out of your blush beyond a simple swirl on your cheeks. 

Pick a shade that works for your skin tone 

You need to choose the right shade to flatter your complexion. The key is to choose a colour pigment that is closest to your natural flush. The best way to decipher this is to simply pinch your cheeks. 

Pale and fair skin should opt for light pinks with lilac undertones, like our Rouge Glow Blusher - a flattering shimmer to enhance your natural beauty.  

If you have medium to light skin, choose a peachy pink shade to give your skin a pretty glow. Olive or golden tones look great with a brighter or punchier pink . While those with Darker tones can opt for brighter, warmer under-toned apricots which will deliver beautifully radiant results. 


Pick the right application method 

You want to achieve a beautiful radiant look with the right tool. A tightly bound brush applies too much product to achieve a natural look, however a soft and loose, specific blush brush will pick up less product and still offer colour that is buildable. Swirl your brush in product and tap off any excess before applying to your face. 

Choose the best formula for your skin type 

The right formula will change the wear and effect of your beautiful look. If you have normal or combination skin or maturing skin, creamy formulas are great and offer great staying power.  

If you have dry skin, stick to a powder formula. Powder blush glides over pores and provides a blurring effect. Which in turn enhances your natural skin and features to provide you with a beautiful finish to your makeup look. 

Overall, we all agree that the best makeup look is one that makes you feel like your beautiful, natural self – love being you.