Positive Ageing

Live, love, laugh-lines. Finding power in 'positive ageing'

by Rakhal Ebeli

We all know that getting older is inevitable. Which, actually, isn’t a bad thing. With the privilege of age come all sorts of rewards - wisdom and confidence being two significant gains - and done right, reaching maturity can be downright empowering.

How? Positive Ageing.

Positive Ageing is a practice which encourages maintaining a positive attitude, feeling good about yourself, keeping fit, active and healthy, and engaging fully in life as you grow older.

Or in other words, shifting focus from (impossibly) “turning back the clock” to “turning up the dial” - embracing your age, loving yourself and living life to its fullest.

Some smart, simple steps can help set you on a path to ongoing happiness, health and vitality as you march into middle age and beyond.

Physically, looking after our bodies - including consuming a fresh and nutritious diet (more plants, less processed foods), staying hydrated, taking regular exercise, achieving adequate (and good quality) sleep, limiting alcohol intake, not smoking and reducing sun exposure - has a direct impact on how fast or slow our body ages and how good we feel.

Similarly, a good skincare routine can slow the visible signs of ageing and have you feeling comfortable, confident and radiant in your gorgeous, timeless skin. Formulations like those in Natio’s Ageless skincare line gently nourish and actively support the comfort needs and goals of maturing skin with nutritive plant ingredients and potent actives which promote improved skin hydration, texture and glow for your best skin at any age.

ageless skincare

Creating a bespoke regimen which fits your lifestyle, complexion goals and makes you feel good - whether that’s a 3 step “cleanse, tone and moisturise (with SPF!)” routine or a more comprehensive regimen including specialised serums and treatment products - can be both enjoyable and empowering, paying dividends for your emotional health and wellbeing as well.

Inextricably linked, looking good and feeling good go hand-in-hand. Self-care and investment into safeguarding and supporting your physical, mental and emotional health is incredibly important - at any age.