natural beauty

Natio team members reveal the secrets to embracing the skin they have

by Rakhal Ebeli

When it comes to 'loving the skin you're in', sometimes its nice to hear how others embrace their beauty and what skincare routines they just can't go without. 

So, we sat down with Natio Head Office team members and asked them what they most love about their skin and how their view of 'beauty' has changed over recent times. Here's a snapshot of what three of our star staff had to say.

Lisa Ding - Product Developer

Nature lover, doting mother to 2 beautiful teens, sweet tooth

Lisa, how has your perception of beauty changed over the years? Beauty has definitely evolved over the years and often gets defined by what's trending or what people within a culture group deem as popular, current and sought after. I think beauty has become more inclusive over the past few years as people are more aware and accepting of beauty within a broader age group, skin tones, colour and gender.  There is no longer the need conform to be celebrated .

What is something that you may have struggled with over the years that you have now come to love or embrace? My oily skin! Now that I'm in my 40s, I do appreciate that I do not really have wrinkle issues to deal with and this has helped to slow down the aging process quite a bit!

What makes you feel beautiful? When I am fit and healthy and my skin looks radiant as a result of that. 

What does beauty mean to you? To be confident in your own skin (and self) and to own your best features and strengths inside out!


Lisa Loves

"The Hydrating Face Fluid SPF50+. It is sun protection at its best with all the added benefits. I really like the lightweight texture and how it keeps my skin protected and hydrated throughout the day."





Allison Harvey - Head of Marketing and Product

Foodie, knowledge seeker, mum to two cheeky children

What advice you would give your younger self? Wear sunscreen everyday. Never stop learning and always adapt your skincare routine to changes in the season and your life.

What makes you feel beautiful? I don’t have time in my day for an extensive skincare routine throughout the week, I do have a Sunday night skincare ritual where I double cleanse, exfoliate, and apply a mask. My skin always feels so refreshed and I feel relaxed and ready for a busy week of being a working Mum.

How do you embrace beauty or self care daily?  I’m trying to be more intentional in my every day, whether that means enjoying time with special people or reducing my social scrolling! As you grow more experienced at life you come to realise that time is the only thing you cannot get more of.

How do you show yourself love and kindness? I like to prioritise my thoughts. I think a healthy and positive mindset is very important to enjoying what life is all about.



Ali Loves

"I absolutely love the Ageless Antioxidant Rosehip Oil, it’s chock full of goodness, helps to protect and hydrate my dry skin, evens out skin tone and fight free radical damage."




Melissa Stancati – Digital Marketing Executive

Pilates gal, documentary buff, secret Nutella lover

What does beauty mean to you? The idea of beauty for me is to feel confident in my own skin, not in the way I look but in who I am as a person. To face the world knowing I can be gracious in defeat, I have compassion, I take pride in what I do, I can laugh at myself, and I always treat my body with respect and love.

What makes you feel beautiful? Practicing yoga and pilates reconnects me with the present moment and my body. It gives me focus and confidence to see what my body can do after a class and that makes me feel beautiful.

What advice would you give your younger self? Not to over pluck my eyebrows in year 9! Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera's thin eyebrows of the early 2000s were not a vibe for me.


 Melissa loves

"I suffer from hormonal breakouts around my chin so I'm always looking for brightening serums that can lighten those post-pimple marks. I found the Ageless Luminous Perfecting Serum does that for me, as it contains Niacinamide (Vitamin B3). Skin is brightened and its moisture barrier is enhanced by Niacinamide – perfect for my skin needs."



We hope you liked getting to know some of the Natio team members, keep an eye out for part 2, where we continue to explore the secrets to embracing the skin you have and love being you.