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5 Tips for a more sustainable Christmas

by Allison Harvey

This Christmas, many of us are approaching the Christmas festivities more sustainably. From giving gifts to what we eat, we are all playing a part in cherishing memories and moments with loved ones, whilst also being kind to Mother Earth. Here are some tried and tested ways to enjoy this season with friends and family without costing our planet.

Quality not Quantity

It’s a simple start, but when buying gifts, think “less is better” and focus on quality that will last, or offer a solution to the giver. With this in mind all Natio gift sets are made in Australia to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise shipping. Pick a gift that the receiver will love and use, and reduce the chances of gifts going to waste. Why not spoil loved ones with the gift of glowing skin and gift the Blossoming Beauty gift set with the Natio signature Aromatherapy 1-2-3 skincare routine.

Think about materials

World Wildlife Fund advises that we look at materials that gifts are made from to keep sustainability front of mind. Paper gifts and boxes can be made from recycled materials, or Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC) materials are a good sustainable choice. Avoid single use plastics items that cannot be recycled. The Forest Mist Natio for Men Gift set is a great option as it is presented in a recycled, locally made presentation box which can easily be recycled in your curbside recycling. The set includes a Daily Face Wash and 100% biodegradable konjac sponge which can be composted with your veggie, fruit and plant remains once you have finished using it!

Reduced packaging

You can also reduce waste by buying gifts that come in little to no packaging. Avoid plastic where possible and use reusable bags to carry your shopping home or choose online retailers who ship products to you in sustainable packaging options - like recycled paper or cornstarch beads in place of plastic bubble wrap. The Natio x Lamai Anne Christmas collection offers lovingly created gifts that include recycled or reusable components, and packaging to help you feel good about gifting to loved ones. Perhaps try Graceful Gum from the Natio Spirit range which features 3 full sized bath and body treats as well as a sisal exfoliating sponge in a reusable cosmetic bag.

Celebrating with food

When it comes to food waste in Australia on average, we annually waste close to 312kg of food per person, this has an impact not only on our environment but also our spending. Try to cut any waste by planning ahead – be realistic about how much food you need and plan ways to use up leftovers. If you can focus on seasonally available fresh foods, not only will this be a great way to minimise spending, but the food will be the freshest – also consider shipping and the environmental impacts of importing foods that aren’t in season locally.


Considered Decorating

Use the ethos of “quality not quantity.” Use, create and upcycle as many decorations as possible. Reusing ornaments is not only positive for the environment but also offer yearly family traditions that can be cherished. Try and avoid any single use plastics, focus instead on materials that can be reused season on season. And don’t forget to think about your Christmas lights! Using LED lights on your Christmas tree uses less energy, lasts longer, and looks just as effective as traditional lights.

We hope you can see how easy it is to make some simple swaps for a happy, and more sustainable Christmas this year. Wishing you and your family a peaceful and joy filled festive season.