The beauty of gift giving: gifts of self-care show that you care

The beauty of gift giving: gifts of self-care show that you care

by Diana Zuban

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. Festive joy, summer warmth and the sound of carols fill the air, and the heart. ‘Tis the season of generosity and giving!  While we all know that the holiday season means infinitely more than just stuffed stockings and brightly wrapped gifts piled under the tree, Christmas does present a beautiful opportunity to treat friends and family to some well-deserved love, care and “just-for-you” goodies.  

What better way to convey your respect or adoration for your “special someones” than with a gift that elevates their daily beauty regimen, revitalises their grooming routine or invites peace to their personal space. With a gift of self-care, you’re demonstrating that you care, that you deem the recipient deserving and special. Not only does he/she receive a luxurious gift of pampering, they also receive a greater gift – a gift of feeling seen, appreciated or loved. Perfect, right? 

With gift set options galore, Natio has an ideal self-care present for each and every lucky person in your sights. We know that your “nice” list can run a little long too, so great value gifts can help you help treat all of your favourites, not just a lucky few.   
Scroll on for some helpful gift set suggestions, from less to luxe price points… 


A license to pamper for an all-giving Mama  

aroma revival, lustrous light luxurious rose 
A perfectly practical grooming gift for a “darling, don’t spend too much” Dad 

smooth routineeveryday essentialsmodern man

 A special self-care stash for the sweetest sister  

classic elegancepeaceful duocontented complexion 
A body care bundle for an always-on-the-go and/or nature-loving bro  

active essentialsbush scrub 
A special gift for your lady love 

festive spirit, peaceful bay 
A gift of top-to-toe love for your main mister 

relaxation remedygentleman’s kit 
A bounty of beauty for a beautiful BFF  

rose ritualsmiling skinnatural grace
A considered Kringle or gift of goodwill for an amiable “work wife”  

lavender fieldsrose routinegolden halo


Plus many more gift sets for everyone on your list. Spreading the love and Christmas spirit has never been easier!