What to get Mum this Mother’s Day

What to get Mum this Mother’s Day

by Jacinta Pogson

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we’ve taken a moment to pause and honour the remarkable women in our lives. We asked the team at Natio Head Office to delve into some warm, fuzzy sentiments of what their mum means to them. Join us as we explore the thoughtful gestures they have planned to express their gratitude on Mother’s Day.  

"My mum meant the world to me. She was the kindest, genuine soul you would ever meet. She was selfless and always put herself before others and go without her family. She would never walk past anyone in need and would always stop to be kind and give. She loved with all her heart. She would never say a bad word about anyone.  

Her heart was big, and she never asked for anything. She was happy as long as she had her family. She was our sunshine. Always encouraging us to be grateful and to live our dreams. 

She brought me up to always think of others and have empathy. Not to mention to be a clean freak! If she was here today, I would have brought her the Natio My Heart, as my mum was my heart and my World." - Chrissy, Receptionist

"To me, my mum is the greatest person that ever existed. She's the ‘eternal mum' who loves nurtures and supports her children selflessly, unconditionally and completely. Now in her mid 70’s and with most of her parenting done, it makes me happy to imagine her doing the things she loves for herself, pottering in the garden, painting and practicing Buddhism. She deserves this time in her life so so much! She also loves Natio nearly as much as I do, so I’ll be bringing her up another boot-load for Mothers Day!" - Mahesh, Managing Director

"Happy Mother's Day to the queen of selflessness, my mum. The real MVP in my life!! She is the kindest person I know! A big thanks goes to her for always putting others before herself and filling not only our hearts but our bellies too! Her patience and tolerance could rival that of a saint. It only seems fitting to spoil her with flowers, a lovely dinner out and the Spirit Hemp + Muntrie Hardworking Hand Cream. - Nicki, Graphic Designer

"My mum is the strongest woman I have ever known. She inspires me to be my best self and she’s proof that with love, determination, and a little bit of laughter, anything is possible I have always been in awe of her strength and resilience as a single mother to my sister and I growing up. She has always supported me in my endeavors and life’s ups and downs. She is also a wonderful and super fun nanna to my two sonsTo me, she means the world. I will be gifting her the Golden Bouquet Gift Set because the Wellness range is her favourite." - Amanda, Senior Graphic Designer

"My mum is my rock, she’s always been there for me no matter what I needed. Growing up, she was a stay-at-home mum, and always put 100% into everything she did. Whether that be turning up for school excursions, taking us to activities outside of school, or even making dinner for us every night. Every waking moment she would always give us her all. Even though she’s replaced me and my older sibling with two dogs since moving out of home, she’s just as great of a dog mum to them as she is to us. For Mother’s Day I’ll be treating her to lunch out with my siblings but also getting her the Romance Reed Diffuser. This makes the perfect gift as she has a busy schedule, so it will not only make her home smell amazing, but she won’t have to worry about blowing a candle out." Georgia, Marketing Executive Export

"My mum is my best friend and my biggest inspiration. She is the strongest person I know, but the kindest person I know, and I strive to be like this every day. Going back to university in her 40s and completing her master’s degree in her 50s has shown me it’s never too late to do what you love. Her positivity, love of life, generosity, loyalty, dependability, and carefree spirit is something I admire every day. I am so lucky she is my mum. This year, to celebrate her, I will be buying her the Botanical Bliss Gift Set because she deserves a Spa day, and the Coconut Milk Hydrating Body Lotion is my favourite!" - Clara, Product Developer

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