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Winter Glow Up: How to warm up your look

by Diana Zuban

While there's a lot to love about winter – think crackling open fires and thick, cosy coats, hot and hearty meals and crisp, cool air – the chilly season can take a visible toll on the complexion. Cool temps, around-the-clock heating and low humidity are real beauty thieves, with a knack for sucking the colour and lustre out of our faces. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Meet your best winter beauty switches here.


Extra hydrating skincare 

The key to beating dull dryness? Proper skin hydration is essential during the colder months. Swapping to extra-nourishing skincare formulations, particularly cleanser, moisturiser or add a facial oil in your regimen. This will help your complexion stay soft, supple and smooth. 

natural beauty

Switch on luminosity  

Seek out makeup products that bring a little extra warmth and life into the complexion – a natural, gentle glowy radiance that looks lit from within. A luminous primer – instead of a traditional matte one – will help give washed out skin a naturally glowing effect. For example, Natio Bronze Glow Perfecting Primer imparts a sun kissed glow and creates a lasting base for the rest of your makeup.  

Warm up with colour 

When it comes to pasty skin, a bronzer, blush and highlighter are your instant-fix besties. Bronzer adds welcome warmth to skin, while a swirl of bright blush on the cheeks adds vibrance and freshness. A lick of highlighter on the high points of the face adds luminous dimension. Together, they bring perfect, pretty balance to a dreary, winter-weary face.  

natural beauty

Create some smoke 

Some soft and gentle definition to the eyes will draw attention to the area, and bring warmth to your look. A mix of flattering, nature-inspired shades and both luminous and matte textures will bring life and dimension to the eyes for a subtle smokey effect. The Natio Celebrate Eyeshadow Palette offers a diverse palette of natural eyeshadow tones and textures, and works back well with your favourite eyeliner and mascara. 

natural beauty

Kiss lips with conditioning colour 

Finally, a kiss of gently defining colour to the lips brightens the face with welcome warmth and life. Lip colours with nourishing naturals will help soothe and soften lips, though chapped lips will benefit most from a gloss formula like Natio Sheer Beauty Lip Gloss or Antioxidant Lip Shine. 

natural beauty

And there you have it! Some tips and tricks to keep you golden and glowing throughout our coolest season.