natural australian beauty

cherish your uniqueness

see beauty in everyone

love being you

about Natio

Pronounced "NAY-TEE-OH", Natio is Latin for creation and the ancient name for the Goddess of Nature. The name symbolises the pure, natural, plant based origins of our product range.

We are a proudly Australian, family-owned natural beauty-care brand. Founded in 1993 and guided by a deep appreciation for the natural world and a strong belief that nature nurtures best, Natio has grown to become an iconic Australian brand offering a broad cross-category range of premium quality, natural products for the entire family.

natural Australian beauty

Natio embodies the Australian spirit and lifestyle: natural, easy-going and refreshingly real. We love our country and are constantly inspired by the unique natural beauty and diversity of our island home. The concept of Australian beauty is what we are inspired by and what we're known for.

see beauty in everything

At Natio we believe everybody is beautiful. Our vision is that everyone can embrace and celebrate their own unique natural beauty and love themselves. Real beauty comes from within and we aim to create products that help people feel good and connect to their real beauty.

Cherish your uniqueness
see beauty in everyone
love being you

our philosophy

Self-awareness, a clear and positive mind, and a free and happy spirit are the foundations of real beauty. Self-respect and self-love are integral to natural beauty, they light the soul and shine from within.

plant based natural skincare

Natio combines the finest natural ingredients, including plant extracts and pure essential oils using the foundation of aromatherapy. The result is a pure and easy-going beauty offering for healthier, more radiant skin.