Natio supports renewable energy

Natio cares deeply about the environment.
That's why we're using solar energy to reduce our carbon footprint.
We installed a total of 264 solar panels on our rooftop, the output of which is enough to cover both our head office and distribution centre's power needs, and then some to feed back into the grid.


It's a small contribution, but they all add up

Producing this energy using solar panels saves more than 80 tonnes of carbon emissions from going into the atmosphere each year. That's equivalent to the amount of carbon absorbed by more than 2,000 trees.


tread lightly, nourish gently, bring a smile to your face

Our investment in renewable energy is just one step we've taken to reduce our carbon footprint. We're also increasing our focus on reusing and recycling materials, and beginning to switch over to more environmentally-friendly tubes, bottles and packaging for our products.

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