solar power

Natio invests in solar power

by Allison Harvey

As we all know, a warming planet presents an ominous future - it means rising sea levels, increased frequency and intensity of weather events (fires, floods, cyclones droughts), ocean acidification and species loss, all of which puts our health, livelihoods, food security, freshwater supply and sustainable development at risk.

The most recent IPCC report stated that global warming is likely to reach 1.5° C between 2030 and 2050 of it continues at the current rate. However… limiting global warming to 1.5° C compared to 2° C could make a significant impact. The next 2-3 years are a critical window when many of the policy and investment decisions that are made will shape the future of our planet.

As part of Natio’s commitment to the environment, the family-owned business has recently invested heavily in its own solar energy. In 2019, 264 solar panels were installed across the sprawling rooftop above Natio headquarters and warehouse facilities. The output is enough to cover both its head office and distribution centre’s power needs, with enough spare to feed back into the grid.

“The installation is just one way we can ensure we are doing our bit to work towards a carbon neutral future. We wanted not only to produce enough energy to service our own needs here in Melbourne, but to be able to feed additional power back into the grid” says Natio Managing Director, Mahesh Ross.

Describing the new panels atop Natio HQ, Ross added “It's a small contribution, but they all add up. Producing this energy using solar panels saves more than 80 tonnes of carbon emissions from going into the atmosphere each year.”

Back in 2009, there were just 85,000 solar systems connected to the mains grid in Australia. Fast forward to 2021 and more than 2.65 million solar panel systems have been installed on rooftops throughout the nation and gigawatts if large scale solar energy projects are in place, being developed or in the pipeline. This move towards a cleaner future has been spearheaded by innovative industry leaders. Natio is proud to be in the company of these leaders wanting to ensure they do their bit to secure a carbon neutral Australia for generations to come.

Fortunately, participating in the growth of solar is something we can all participate in. Homes can now be fitted with solar panels, and most local governments are still offering generous rebates for this who invest in the clean energy solution.

Perhaps Natio’s rooftop revolution will inspire others in the community to consider the option themselves, as well as take comfort in knowing that Natio, too, are keen to keep finding new ways to make this world a better place.

“From investing in renewable energy, to revising and recycling materials wherever possible, Natio is committed to reducing our environmental footprint across the entire business” says Ross.