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A New Year, A New You. Top Makeup Trends For 2022

by Lucy Johnson

The 90’s, a true juxtaposition in music and fashion. Whatever your style, you could find it splashed across the glossy mags of Cosmopolitan, Dolly and Women’s Weekly.     

TLC fans were rocking baggy jeans and tube tops, shimmering pastel eye shadows and frosted lips. Your foundation mostly likely did not match your skin tone, but it was a vibe.  

The grunge fans smelt like teen spirit with a touch of Dewberry Perfume Oil. Teenage angst was at an all time high and brow hair was at an all time low. Brown lipstick, thin brows, an over powdered complexion and chocker chains adorned the necks of 90’s youth. Then there were lip lacquers, body glitter, bronzing beads, bath beads, glitter hairspray and Impulse Body Spray…ahhh the glory days!  

So whilst we can put down the tweezers and forget about the Yellow Pages, the 90’s are officially back… with some slight improvements.  

Monochromatic make up looks, barely there beauty, over lined lips, Smokey eyes with nude lips and brick coloured lips that perfectly match your earthy toned outfits, are all back with a vengeance. A classic red lip with a bare face never goes out of style. So lets take a look at some of Natio’s 90’s inspired make up looks and how we have taken the best parts of the 90’s and bought them into the 21st century. These are the trends of 2022…  

The monochromatic make up look with a brick lip

Natio lip colour in Sienna

Smokey eyes with nude lips 

Natio naturally nude lip colour in Chai

 A classic red lip with a bare face 

 Natio lip colour in Crimson