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At home beauty treatments to get your radiance back this festive season

by Rakhal Ebeli

As we peel off the winter layers and start to enjoy the sunshine amongst newfound freedoms, for many Australian's just getting out of lockdowns, appointments at your favourite salon are few and far between. Taking beauty into your own hands (literally) will help you to feel and look fabulous for the festive season.

An area which is the fastest to show ageing and is usually most neglected, tends to be your neck and décolletage. This is an area that is highly exposed to the elements and visible sun damage is common. Below is your recipe for a smoother, brighter and younger looking décolletage.

Neck & Décolletage Rejuvenation

Step 1. Gently buff the delicate neck & dec area with the treatments Bamboo & Papaya Rejuvenating Micro-Exfoliant. Using circular motions, massage the exfoliant into the skin and rinse with lukewarm water.

Step 2. Onto Damp skin apply the Ageless Hydrating Mask onto the freshly exfoliated area. Light a candle, make a cup of tea and put your feet up for 10 minutes while the mask works its magic, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Step 3. Apply the treatments Replenishing Neck & Decolletage Cream in upward sweeping motions to encourage lifting of the skin. Now it's time to enjoy your post treatment glow.

Note – you should always apply SPF on the neck & dec area during the day. My favourite is the Rosewater Hydration Moisture Balance Day Cream SPF 50+. This same treatment can be used on hands, simply replace the neck & dec cream with our favourite Natio hand cream.

Is your skin is looking tired, dull and lacking radiance? The below at home treatment will gently repair and replenish your skin in 15 minutes. The perfect routine as a pre party skin prep.

Repair, Replenish & Glow

Step 1. After cleansing your face, whilst skin is still damp, apply the Aromatherapy Gentle Facial Scrub in circular motions. Massage for 30 seconds before rinsing with lukewarm water.

Step 2. Apply the treatments Marine Mineral Overnight Repair Sleep Mask – this mask can be used as an overnight mask, however it can also be applied as a 10 min treatment mask. Apply a generous layer of the mask, leave on for 10 minutes and remove with lukewarm water.

Step 3. Revive tired eyes by applying the  treatments Plant Peptide Firm & Smooth Eye Cream with the rounded paddle applicator. This cooling paddle relives tension and puffiness, whilst the cream brightens and soothes the eye area.

Step 4. Deliver a boost of deep hydration with the  treatments Hyaluronate Skin Hydration Serum. Massage a few drops of the serum into your face, neck and décolletage area.

Step 5. Follow with your chosen Natio moisturiser. A good all round, anti-ageing moisturiser is the treatments Skin Renewal Ceramide Line & Wrinkle Cream. Formulated with skin-firming Ceramides and Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids, this luxurious cream offers gentle yet effective smoothing and replenishment for ageing skin.

For those with oilier or on occasion problematic skin, the below at home treatment will leave skin deeply cleansed, hydrated and balanced.

Deep Cleanse & Balance

Step 1. Gently sweep the treatments Radiant Skin Exfoliating Wipe over a cleansed face and neck, avoiding eye area. Wait 1 minute, then rinse away with water. The wipes contain Plant PHAs (Poly Hydroxy Acids) which gently dissolve away dead skin cells without abrasion, helping to smooth skin texture and reveal a healthy, radiant glow.

Step 2. Apply a thin layer of the Clear Deep Detox Charcoal Mask, avoiding the eye area. Leave to dry for 5-10 minutes, less if you have sensitive skin. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and wipe with a face cloth.

Step 3. Warm a few drops of the Clear Skin Balancing Face Oil in your hands and gently press into the skin. The replenishing blend of targeted plant oils and extracts will help bring calm and harmony to unbalanced skin. With Hemp Seed to help balance oil production, Tea Tree to minimise redness and Salicylic Acid to dissolve surface impurities. Your post treatment skin should look clearer, brighter and more radiant.