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Beards are back! And maintaining facial follicles is now as easy as 1, 2, 3.

by Sara Hollingworth

It’s the latest look for many Australian men... there’s no denying that beards are back and naturally, now maintenance is key.  

Natio’s Wild Ranges collection includes everything a man would need to keep his facial hair, and the skin beneath in good shape. 

The Vegan Friendly beard oil helps nourish and repair hair with just 3 –5 drops a day. Packed with botanical oils, not only does it smell fresh, but will help moisturise and condition facial hair and make it easier to style. Beard oil will help reduce any irritation that might be caused by the facial hair, as well as keep the beard looking fresh and smelling sensational.  

It’s simple to apply: 

  1. Apply 3 – 5 drops of the oil into the palms of your hands and rub together. It can help if the beard is still a little damp, not totally dry. Perhaps after a shower is a good time to get the process started. 
  2. Massage into the skin and hairs, getting deep into the roots and infusing the skin beneath with moisture rich serum. You can brush your hands as if you are shaving, using repeated downward motions. 
  3. Comb to finish – either using your fingtertips or a comb to finish the job. This will help distribute the oil evenly and complete the look. 

 There are plenty of great new products for men in Natio’s wild ranges collection. Perfect for the man on the go, they’re packed with soothing natural ingredients.  


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