Earth Day 2022. How we can all invest in a greener future.

by Rakhal Ebeli

Each year, Earth Day offers an opportunity to pause and truly reflect on our planet - to celebrate its beauty and its bounty, but also - critically - to actively consider its struggles and the support it needs from us.  

Earth Day 2022 calls on individuals to “Invest In Our Planet”, promoting the cumulative power of each individual to take actions that create a ripple effect of widespread change. 

Empowerment begins with knowing that every small change can help to make a big difference. 

At Natio, we aim to produce beauty-care products which “tread lightly, nourish gently and bring a smile to your face”. We also aim to cherish our natural world. Balancing our business objectives with our commitment to nature is a complex task, however we are proud of the inroads we have made so far and the path we are on. Our support of local forestry and wildlife rehabilitation initiatives, plus our commitment to solar-powered operations have created some meaningful change already, and we look forward to implementing ongoing improvement and expansion in environmental initiatives into the future. 

Packaging, in particular, presents significant opportunity for positive change. Natio is continuously striving to improve the sustainability of packaging and become ever more friendly to our environment.  

Already, Natio’s packaging demonstrates our commitment to sustainable forestry practices with recycled paper a priority where viable, and all virgin paper packaging materials certified for sustainable forest management.  

In terms of plastic, Natio products increasingly utilise a mix of recyclable, reusable, recycled and biodegradable materials to help alleviate “plastic pollution” in the environment.  

Natio’s more sustainable packaging efforts are most evident in our newest ranges - such as Spa, Spirit, Calm and Clear - with packaging made from at least 82% recycled plastic and sustainable materials such as renewable sugarcane, and with recycling symbols designed to facilitate correct disposal after use.  

We look forward to supporting positive change and empowering our customers to make more sustainable choices through ongoing packaging innovation, as it becomes available. Every positive action creates a meaningful ripple towards supporting and preserving our precious home.