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Embracing your natural beauty. We go one-on-one with International Makeup Artist Ciara O'Shea

by Christina Schroder

Madonna, Bella Hadid, Irina Shayk, Kai Gerber, Zoe Kravitz, Barbara Palvin, Alexa Chung … have I got your attention yet?   

International Makeup Artist Ciara O’Shea joins me for a chat about embracing your natural beauty, as well as all things make up and beauty must have’s. 

Ciara, you’re in Sweden today shooting the campaign for Acne Studios Fall/Winter 22.  You’re heading back to London tomorrow and no doubt will be jet setting again very soon.  Thank you for joining me today to talk all things trends, celebrity and make up must haves! 

Natio: You have worked on some of the most recognisable faces in the world, from literal royalty to runway royalty - who’s face would you love to work on next?  

Ciara: I saw Nicole Kidman many years ago at a movie premier in Leicester Square in London, and I had never seen star quality like that before. Nicole was mesmerising, she had movie star quality and anyone I know that has ever worked with her before has just raved about how amazing she is. I would love to work with Nicole.  

Natio: What trends are you seeing in Europe at the moment that you’re loving?  

Ciara: I’m seeing a lot of light textures in makeup and when applying these fine delicate layers, it’s like working with chiffon. It’s fun to see how far you can push these delicate layers to build up a look. Cooler tones in eyeshadows are really taking off here, greys, mauves, cold greens are big in London at the moment.  

Natio: Trends are sometimes just that - which trends do you think are ones that don’t necessarily work for everyone?  

Ciara: I find it really difficult to see women wearing thick foundation in a colour that doesn’t suit their skin tone. Finding the right colour foundation is important, looking at your bare skin in natural light, then trying the shades on your face and then checking the colours in different lighting is important. The right foundation should just blend seamlessly into your skin, it should be in harmony with your skin tone.  

Another trend I’m seeing a lot of is heavy contouring. A soft contour and highlight is more flattering than heavy contour and highlight all over the face.  

Natio: Now you have worked on a lot of big faces, who is the nicest celebrity you’ve had the pleasure to work on?  

Ciara: Zoe Kravitz was absolute heaven, so sweet! Her skin was flawless, a makeup artists dream. Bella & Gigi Hadid, Kai Gerber – they’re all lovely.  

Natio: what would you say is your most underrated beauty product & why?  

Ciara: A hydrating Essence is so underrated. It gets hydration and moisture into the skin on a level a serum and moisturiser can’t. It negates the need for a primer. If your skin is in disrepair or rough in texture, an essence will sort that out and make it silky soft. Fine lines, wrinkles are sorted out fast.  

Natio: What are your 3 must have products for every day? 

Ciara: for my personal use - a concealer, a lip & cheek product & a mascara are my essentials. For my make up kit: an essence, a concealer (which you can build up or sheer down) & a brow product are key. 



Natio: As we open back up to travel, what products would you say you absolutely can’t live without whilst traveling? 

Ciara: A hydrating mist, an eye mask, an eye cream and essential oils for the plane.   

Natio: What are your best techniques & tools to achieve sculpted brows whilst looking natural and not ‘coloured in’..?  

Ciara: I use a mixture of brow products to create texture and dimension. I start with a brow pen to paint in hairs where there are missing gaps. Then I will go in with a brow gel to soften the brows and add hold. I often use a mixture of different colours and products to make the brows look more natural and textured.   


Natio: And finally, what's does beauty mean to you?  

Ciara: beauty to me is about individuality, embracing your unique features and diversity.  

A big thank you to Ciara for her wonderful insights into the world of beauty. You can find Ciara via @ciaradoesmakeup on Instagram.  

Cover image credit: Office Magazine