Feb 14: A Day to Embrace the Beauty of Female Friendship

Feb 14: A Day to Embrace the Beauty of Female Friendship

by Diana Zuban

Your Guide to A Gorgeous Galentine's Day 

Love is in the air! As Valentine's Day approaches, it's a perfect time to shift the focus from romantic love to celebrating the all-important, nurturing bonds of female friendship.  

Cue: Galentine's Day, a  day dedicated to spending quality time and showering love on your gal pals - and on yourself. Self-love and bestie beauty rituals are the order of the day! This 14th Feb, take the opportunity to gather your special squad for an enjoyable and empowering session of pampering, primping and preening. 

Ladies DIY Day Spa

Book a hotel room or transform your home into a spa oasis complete with face masks and treatments, soothing music, diffused essential oils or or scented candles. Masks that cater to everyone’s different skin type will ensure that everyone gets a glowing result. Cucumber slices on eyes optional, but highly recommended for a little extra luxe. 

Mani Pedi Primping

 Take the indulgence all the way to your fingertips and toes with manicure and pedicure treatments to soften skin and prime nails for a celebratory lick of glossy colour. Keep it simple or go all the way with revitalising scrubs, nourishing oils for cuticles and nurturing foot and hand creams for the full royal treatment. 

Gorgeously Glam Glow Up

Dial up the unique natural beauty - and confidence - of each and every gal pal with a group glam-up using glow-giving, feature enhancing and beauty defining cosmetics that’ll amp up the gorgeous. From sheer and subtle to vibrant and va-va-voom, there’s a bespoke look to celebrate every beauty. 

Simply, Galentine’s Day is the perfect reminder and opportunity to celebrate the beauty of female friendship. Go ahead and gather the girls to indulge in some self-care, group pampering and the pure joy and emotional nourishment that comes from connecting with the beloved women in your life. To love!