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Simple Solutions for Men's Skincare This Summer

by Rakhal Ebeli

Whether it’s a day in the yard or a swim at the beach, the festive season generally means most Australian men are out in the elements, making the most of the summer sun. However, as we know, the Australian sun can be amongst the harshest on the planet, making a few hours of recreational activities a regrettable endeavor for those who march out of the house under prepared.

These days, the modern man tends to want to know he’s protected from the sun but not lathered in heavy lotions. This is why Natio’s non-greasy, lightweight and high protection SPF 50+ Facial Sunscreen has proven to be a best seller each and every year. It quickly absorbs into the skin without an oily residue and give you confidence to step outside knowing you’re covered.

While some men have developed a routine to protect their skin from harmful UV rays, the fact remains that many still don’t always think to slip slop slap as much as they should. So, if the man in your house is searching for a fuss-free, head-to-toe men’s skincare range that won’t break the bank, yet will keep him well-groomed and sun-protected over summer, then Natio has him covered. Our Men’s range is affordable and easy-to-use, leaving more time in the day for what’s important.


Featuring products that cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise, with deodorants and suncare - his side of the bathroom will be brimming with great selections.

Or, if you can’t think of what to get the man of your dreams this year, why not pick up one of our Christmas Packs?! From products to soothe hardworking hands, to native scrubs, with formulations filled with anti-ageing ingredients, you too will enjoy the perks of seeing his skin glow, whilst helping protect him from the elements.

We all know blokes sometimes overlook their personal grooming, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Even with a much-needed holiday or a few days on the road this festive season, our handy travel packs will ensure all his skincare essentials make it in the suitcase!


So, if you’re thinking your handsome hubby or partner could do with some pampering this summer, whilst helping keep him safe from the sun’s harmful rays, then take a look at the award winning products within the Natio mens range as there’s something for every summer occasion.