bath and body

How Sleep and Stress Influence Your Skin Health

by Elaine Lalchand

Sure, nothing beats the feeling of skin that’s been freshly massaged with our Ageless Antioxidant Rosehip Oil, but here at Natio we believe that beauty is more than skin deep.

It’s spending time with friends and family earning those well deserved smile lines. It’s creating a home that you love coming home to and taking good care of your body. It’s taking a moment to meditate when life gets too much and reaching out for a chat when you need it. 

To us, taking care of your insides is just as important as taking care of your outsides, so here are some quick tips to create a home and environment that’s happy and trust us your skin will thank you. 

Get your beauty sleep.

It turns out that getting your beauty sleep isn't just reserved for Disney Princesses.  It's a must do for your body, mind, spirit – and skin. Adequate sleep has been linked to improving blood sugar, regulating cortisol and helping your body repair itself on a cellular level. Not to mention linked to having a brighter, more glowing complexion. 

 So how can you create a home atmosphere that makes catching those Z’s easy? 

  • Reduce screen time 2 hours before bed. Around dinner time you can start to turn your electronics off and have dinner with family or friends and catch up. 
  • Invest in quality bed linen and a mattress that supports your back. 
  • Indulge in heavenly, relaxing scents from our Home Happiness range of oils and diffusers to calm your mind and get your body ready for bed 

Actively manage your stress. 

After living through a once in a lifetime pandemic, it’s safe to say that most of us reading this can relate to feeling stressed! Whila a little bit of stress in life is unavoidable, we can do little things to destress throughout the day and take dedicated self care time to make sure we’re bringing the best we can to every day. 

Plus, when we feel stressed, we’re more likely to opt for sugary or oily food that causes breakouts, skip our skincare routines or suffer from insomnia. Here are some of our favourite ways to bring peace back into our days and create more balance. 

  • Set 10 minutes aside to breathe deeply before you start work. This helps to refocus your mindset and clear any annoying thoughts. 
  • Try to make lunch 2-3 times a week if you’re notorious for being the office UberEats instigator. This will help to ensure you’re being mindful about what you eat, but still giving yourself the opportunity to treat yourself! 
  • Apply some of our focus on wellbeing range to your wrists to bring your focus back to the present on particularly busy days. Our "focus on stress" roll on is our favourite! 

Create your own ritual.

Whether it’s a cooking ritual or a skincare one, finding your own routine is key to bring happiness into your day. Having something to look forward to can do wonders in improving your mood, grounding you and also helping to soothe your mind and body. While there’s no right or wrong way to create a ritual, it’s important that it’s something that brings you joy and relaxes you. You can share it with someone else, such as a weekly group yoga class, or go solo such as nightly bath.

Here are some of our suggestions if you’d like to create your own ritual at home.

  • Create a skincare routine to fake your glow on the weeks that are just harder than others! Start with a face wash and toner to cleanse your skin, before infusing it with natural plant based serums to rehydrate and brighten, before sealing it all with a nourishing night cream. Try our skincare finder to create your perfect routine 
  • Why not get family or friends involved in a weekly cooking extravaganza!? Each week, choose a recipe that’s simple but tasty and have everyone involved in some way; from chopping to frying to plating. It’s a great way to spend some time offline and connecting with your loved ones. 
  • With so many resources on the internet, it’s a great time to learn a new skill or hobby! As the weather gets colder, we have been loving experimenting with our own essential oil blends. If you’d like to try, we have put together our best tips here.