How to incorporate Colour Analysis into your Makeup Routine

How to incorporate Colour Analysis into your Makeup Routine

by Jacinta Pogson

The latest trend in colour analysis is Seasonal Colour Analysis and finding out your true season has become the talk of social media. This analysis merges colour psychology with seasonal palette theory, categorising individuals into the four seasons depending on your skin tone, undertone, eye colour, hair and lip colour. The result is a personalised colour palette designed to enhance and complement one’s unique features.  

The first step of this is defining your skin undertone, your skin can either have warm, neutral or cool undertones. See the chart below to help determine which undertone your skin may be. 

Winter [cool + dark]

Cool undertones with Dark Hair – individuals who identify as winter look their best in true blacks and whites as these hues bring out the coolness in their undertone. Winters are advised to steer clear of middle-of-the-road colours and earth tones as these colours tend to skew towards being warmer. Adding vibrant hues to this subdued colour palette becomes effortless by integrating shades from the Rose Quarts and Graceful Amethyst Mineral Eyeshadow Palette. The inclusion of bright, cool-toned pinks, purples, greens and blues serves as a complementary enhancement to Winter’s complexion.  

Spring [warm + light]

Warm undertones with light hair – People who identify as Spring look best in cheerful colours such as aqua, salmon and turquoise, warm neutrals, khaki and stone. Blacks, whites, bright shades and pastels should be avoided as they lean towards being cooler in nature and may risk washing out lighter skin tones. To bring warmth to your make up look, we suggest that Spring individuals pair our Golden Citrine and Luminous Amber for all the beautiful warm browns, ambers and khaki colours 

Autumn [warm + dark]

Warm undertones with dark hair – Autumn tones look best in earthy shades such as golden browns, olives and warm greys. These darker hues bring out their dark features such as brown eyes or dark brown hair. It is also optional to add a small amount of warm toned greens and blues for a small pop of colour. They should avoid blacks, whites, bright shades and pastels due to being a cooler hue. The warm hues from our Luminous Amber and Golden Citrine Mineral eyeshadow palette have a range of light golden browns to rich dark ambers to complement an Autumn’s complexion. 

Summer [cool + light]

Cool undertones with light hair – Summer tones are best suited for muted colours, including blue-greys, heathers, rose-browns. Ensuring any pastel colours added are soft, cool and light. These colours include baby blues, soft pinks and icy whites. The cool-toned blues and greys in our Marine Lapis Mineral Eyeshadow palette combined with the heathers and rose browns in our Earthy Tektites palette creates depth and dimension.  

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