australian made skincare products

Self care based on your star sign

by Elaine Lalchand

September 9th marks the return of Mercury in retrograde for three weeks. To alleviate the extra stress that this period can often bring, we have put together the best self care products to get you through to October. Check your star sign reading below to find out more. After a full pamper session? Check your birth chart to put together a full routine!

Air Signs


Curious, creative and the social butterfly of the zodiac, Aquariuses are known for their light, bright and deeply quenching energy. They feel like a burst of hydration on a hot day, making Natio's Rosewater Hydration Drench Mineral Mist the perfect handbag essential.


The life of the party, you flit between social groups with ease. You can go from a sleepover in the living room to dancing up a storm with strangers in seconds, and your friends know you need to be invited if they want a night to remember! Prepare your skin for whatever happens with Natio's Ageless Luminous Perfecting Serum, so you can glow all day and night.


Balanced, playful and sensitive, Libra's are the one's to call when you need a listening ear and an optimistic outlook. An air sign through and through, they flit through life with positive energy and bring vitality wherever they go. Natio's Clear Skin Balancing Face Oil is a must have to keep heavy oils on the skin at bay and give light nourishment.

Water Signs


A born dreamer, your friends and family look to you to have the most soulful and intense ideas. You enjoy living life to it's fullest and feel everything with depth and sensitivity. You're perfectly matched with our Calm Delicate Care Cleansing Milk for a gentle creamy cleanse that leaves your skin soft and glowing.


Ruled by the moon, your psychic abilities keep your circle coming back to you for more. You have an unwavering empathy for your loved ones, even strangers on the street! You move with gentleness throughout your life and never have to fight for attention, your magnetic aura pulls the right people to you. Natio's Rosewater Hydration Antioxidant Serum is the perfect daily companion to keep your skin fresh and soft to the touch.


The siren of the zodiac, Scorpios are known for their intensity and cheeky glints in their eyes. Nothing stops a Scorpio from getting what they want, because they work hard but play even harder! Our Ageless Extra Firming Night Cream is the perfect pair for Scorpio, acting as a portal to bright, beautiful hydrated skin from the minute they wake up so they can take on the day with strength.

Fire Signs


As the first sign of the zodiac, you own your natural born leadership with pride and splendour. Arming yourself with fiery vision, confidence and bravery, it's only fitting to adorn yourself with Natio's Intense Colour Lip Crayons to remind everyone's who's boss!


The child of the zodiac, you love all eyes on you! Whether it's leading the charge on a night out with friends, or giving your loved one's an inspiring pep talk when they're feeling down, Leos command attention wherever they go. Adorn yourself as royalty does with the perfect pout of our Sunset Red Lip Duo and claim your rightful throne, Leo!


No one's life is complete without a Sagittarius friend! They're the ones who make everyday one to remember with their funny stories and uncanny ability to find the magic in everyday. Just a touch of Natio's Southern Lights Blush & Bronze Duo feels like sparkle of a Sagittarius laugh.

Earth Signs


Your grounding and ethereal essence makes you the go-to listening ear in your group. You are protective of your family and friends and always provide sound and impartial advice. Your daily essential would be Natio's Spirit Lemon Ironbark + Olive Hand Wash to fill your senses with the citrus and sweet aroma that makes you feel connected to nature.


Notoriously well prepared and logical, there's no challenge you can give a Virgo that they can't solve! You like your skincare practical, easy to use and versatile - just like Natio's Nourishing Miracle Face Oil! Use this on your skin, nails or even the ends of your hair to glow gracefully through life as only you can do, Virgo.


The one that gets the other zodiacs in order is of course the Capricorn! They get things done with ease and know who they are and what they want. They scrub off negative comments and stress just like Natio's Wellness Body Scrub, leaving only soft skin and a clean surface behind.