Summer Skin: Keeping Blemishes at Bay

by Melissa Stancati

Summer brings to mind images of lying on the beach soaking up the sunshine (with sunscreen on, of course!), wearing breezy clothing, applying light coverage foundation, and letting your radiant summer complexion glow. Right? 

This is unfortunately not the reality for everyone. The fact is: summer weather causes us to sweat. Sweat can then clog pores and cause breakouts. 

To help with these seasonal flare-ups, we have provided our top 5 tips to help keep your blemishes at bay.  


1. Keep it clean 

During the party season, our skin is exposed to more humidity, air conditioning, makeup, and sunscreen. It is important to rinse away excess oil and pore-clogging impurities with a gentle cleanser in the morning, before bedtime, and after heavy exercise. Adding our Clear Oil Control Foam Cleanser can help combat this problem.  

Brimming with natural actives, the oil-free formulation uses Hemp Seed to help balance oil production and reduce shine. Witch Hazel and Willow Bark help remove impurities, naturally exfoliate skin and prevent future breakouts. 90% of people saw noticeably reduces redness and minimizes pores*.  


2. Nourish your body 

Eating a balanced diet loaded with antioxidants from fruits and vegetables can help keep the skin supple and nourished. It is also important to drink enough water throughout the day, especially in summer when our bodies are losing more water than normal. Drinking the recommended 3L per day will help aid in the digestion and absorption of food, keeping our skin smooth and soft.  


3. Resist the urge to pop  

Popping pimples can push infected material further into the skin, leading to more swelling and redness, and even scarring. But resisting the urge to pop pimples is easier with pimple patches or a spot treatment. Our Quick Fix Spot Treatment can be applied directly onto spots and blemishes. Formulated with botanical actives including Licorice Root, Witch Hazel and Salicylic Acid, the treatment rapidly helps to balance oil production and dissolve surface impurities to gently neutralise breakouts. 95% of people saw a noticeable reduction in redness*.  


4. Moisturiser  

Daily moisturising is a fundamental part of your skincare routine for maintaining and protecting skin moisture levels. It is also helpful for acne-prone skin, since once the skin becomes dehydrated, the body produces more oil, further clogging pores. 

Summer is a good time to move away from your thick winter moisturisers to something more lightweight. Our Clear Urban Defense Moisturiser is a multitasking must-have. Helping to defend skin against sun damage, dehydration and excess shine, this oil-free daily moisturiser with SPF 15 is perfect for the summer season. Formulated with Willow Bark to clear pores, Hemp Seed to balance oil and Aloe to cool and hydrate, skin is nourished and shine-free. 



5. Mask your way to calmer skin 

Mask your way to smoother, calmer and more balanced skin. Our Clear Deep Detox Charcoal Mask is deeply detoxifying, the Kaolin Clay-based formulation with Charcoal effectively draws away congestion and excess oil. Hemp Seed helps to balance oil production and Aloe calms redness. Skin is left feeling clearer, smoother and hydrated. 

To get you started on your skin journey, you can try the Natio Clear starter pack range. Natio Clear is for oily and problem skin, formulated specifically to help manage shine and targets breakouts or acne when they occur. This range of Australian-made, vegan-friendly skin solutions includes ingredients known to naturally assist with the effects of acne in teens and adults, for healthy clear skin that glows with health. 



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