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The power of positivity – How Emma Hawkins has proven that age really is just a number

by Rakhal Ebeli

Lifestyle entrepreneur and influencer, Emma Hawkins, is well known for her graceful and easy-going approach to living life in the spotlight. Since marrying her high school sweetheart, champion Geelong footballer - Tom, the pair has been described as the AFL’s ‘golden couple’, having brought two gorgeous girls into the world and now expecting a third little bundle of joy in July.  

Having daughters, I’m much more aware of my language and how I see myself in the mirror. I’ve become conscious to wear less makeup around them and am cautious of the language I use when I’m getting ready around makeup” says Emma. 

“I don’t want my girls thinking that they need makeup to look pretty, so I might say something like I like wearing makeup to events as it makes me feel a bit fancy and special. I want to keep a very open dialogue in regards to what society deems beautiful and what our household thinks about beauty, around my children. That’s very important to us. Beauty is self-love and embracing who we are.” 

It’s this approach to natural beauty that drew Emma to Natio’s new Ageless range.

“I love the natural ingredients. This has become very important for me. I love that Natio is a family run, Australian business. And most importantly, I’ve seen results.” 

Living on a farm in regional Victoria surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, nature and animals, Emma’s sense of ‘beauty’ has evolved over the years.   

“I know it’s cliché, but beauty for me really starts within, and then embracing all of our differences. When I think of beauty I think of someone with a big heart and beautiful smile” says Emma. 

“I honestly don’t think about ageing much. I must be in the minority. I have been bought up to embrace each birthday and milestone. My Dad has always said, growing older is a gift that is denied to many. In terms of growing older and my own sense of beauty – If anything I have become more confident in my skin and have embraced looking after my skin more, which is very important.” 

In broader support of Natio, Emma also appreciates the fundamental qualities behind the Australian, family-owned, naturals-led brand. 

“I believe we should always support local when we can, to make a positive impact on our own economy and employment opportunities. And in terms of natural, you just can’t deny that it is better for us and the planet. “ 

While Emma says nothing in the world makes her feel more beautiful than her husband does, she’s already noticed the undeniable benefits of a simple Natio Ageless routine. 

Emma’s Ageless Routine   

Emma has stocked her bathroom with the latest range, cleansing in the shower before applying her serum and moisturiser when she can find gaps in the often ‘mad rush’ of a morning.  


Ageless Replenishing Cream Cleanser 
Ageless Plumping Renewal Serum   
Ageless Hydrating Face Fluid SPF   

    TIP: Emma also mix Ageless Antioxidant Rosehip Oil in with my foundation 


    In the evenings, Emma loves taking a bit of ‘me time’ with her routine once the kids are down, and before she goes to bed.  


    Ageless Replenishing Cream Cleanser   
    Ageless Skin Renewal Exfoliator (twice a week)   
    Ageless Replenishing Hydrating Toner  
    Ageless Luminous Perfecting Serum   
    Ageless Extra Firming Night Cream   

      It’s a simple routine, packed with natural ingredients that have been scientifically tested to make skin look and feel younger.  

      “It’s all about the routine for me. It took me so long to get in a good routine. But now, with a good routine of self-care, I can see the difference it makes. The Hydrating Face fluid SPF 50+ is an absolute favourite of mine – it’s the best sun protection fluid I have used, it doesn’t crumble and my makeup still goes over it really well.” 

      Coupled with the power of positivity, Natio’s Ageless range has been transformative for Emma as she embraces motherhood for a third-time. 

      “Like most women, I’ve struggled at times with body image – particularly when having children and through my pregnancies. My body has changed so much, I have struggled with embracing it at times. And I am still not immune to this either. Being pregnant at the moment, I must admit, I struggle on certain days with positive body image so I try to remind myself how lucky I am in the mornings to have a healthy body, and switch the tone in my voice from image to health.” 

      Embodying the Natio mantra of ‘love being you’ has been pivotal in Emma’s positive approach to life, and feeling confident in her own skin... with a little help from her Ageless skincare routine.