We care: Tree Planting Day 2022

We care: Tree Planting Day 2022

by Allison Harvey

With a philosophy that has always been guided by a connection to the Earth and deep appreciation for nature, Natio has chosen to play a part in the solution towards a healthier planet.  

Together with its tube supplier Impact International, Natio is part of a forest initiative that offsets the carbon from the manufacture of 100ml tubes. The Impact Forest has now been sequestering carbon since it was planted 22 years ago, capturing close to 18,000 tonnes of carbon. Radiator pines last up to 80 years when cared for, so we can expect another 62-70 years of growth and storage of carbon in the future. 

With an estimated 20,000 pine trees and other native vegetation on the Impact International Forest site, the carbon emissions from the manufacture of up to 30 million tubes can be offset each year. 

Impact International Managing Director, Aleks Lajovoic, said by participating in the sustainable forest program, Natio has "access to the most sustainable tubes available in the world, plus are helping to protect native wildlife". 

In addition to reducing Natio’s emissions through carbon offsetting, the 114-acre forest is also home to dozens of animal species, including kangaroos, wombats, echidnas, wallabies, turtles and many native birds. Operating and maintaining this forest protects their habitat and provides sanctuary for these species and more. 1,300 native trees will also be preserved, rehabilitated and protected from deforestation through this initiative. 

Recently some of the team members from the Natio head office team were lucky enough to attend the tree planting day. Approximately 60 people helped to plant 8,500+ trees, made up of 6,500 Pinus radiata seedings and 2,000 native Eucalyptus seedlings. Our team had a momentous day planting trees and being immersed in nature. One of the highlights was touring the existing Natio forest plot, which is rich with tree species and animal habitat. 

Australia’s minister for Climate Change and Energy the Honourable Chris Bowen MP spoke with us on the challenges we face tackling climate change - he also confirmed he is a regular user of the Natio Daily Defence Face Moisturiser SPF 50+! We also heard from Impact International’s soil physicist (Holly) and forest expert (David) on how trees help improve soil quality and rehabilitate landscapes.  

It may only be a small contribution in the bigger scheme of things, but by continuing to participate in proactive opportunities to reduce its collective carbon footprint, Natio hopes it can help lead the way to a more sustainable future.