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Your New Year skin resolutions - sorted!

by Diana Zuban

Skincare routines can take what feels like eons to get right, but once you have mastered it, your skin will thank you! When putting your New Year resolutions into practice, consider how you can use this time to focus on setting new good habits for your skin in 2023 – there's no better time than the present.

Clean up after the party

 If you woke up on New Year’s Day with smudged mascara from the night before, you’re not alone. Most of us are guilty of occasionally forgetting to take makeup off after a night out  on the town. Make this the year to quit wearing makeup to bed and master your evening skin routine. You don’t need a seven-step regime every night, however it's important to remove product build up and grime before hitting the hay.

For a quick cleanse, soak a washable pad in Micellar Cleansing Water and wipe gently across your entire face. This doesn’t have to be followed up with a cleanser or toner; a moisturising cream like the Ageless Extra Firming Night Cream should be enough to keep you hydrated until morningthere’s a reason this cream is award winning! In an ideal world, a full nightly routine would be fantastic, but after party, we know this isn’t always the reality. 

night cream

Sun safe year round 

We might sound like a broken record here, but it’s true – sun protection applies to every day of the year. While it may be gloomy and overcast outside, that doesn’t mean you’re immune to sun damage from UVA/UVB rays. For double duty sun protection and hydration, a day cream with SPF included is the best solution. The Rosewater Hydration Moisture Balance Day Cream SPF 50+ provides two-in-one protection with nourishing plant extracts to keep skin supple and shielded from sun damage. Don’t forget to protect the neck too – this skin is particularly fragile and deserves as much love as your face does. 

face moisturiser with spf

The best trend? No trends 

It’s easy to fall victim to the constant cycle of beauty trends, and while those bleached eyebrows will eventually grow back, it’s important to consider your skincare routine needs before throwing a concoction of random chemicals onto your precious skin. It can be tempting to try every treatment under the sun; however many active ingredients don’t agree with each other and should not be used in conjunction within a morning or evening skincare routine.

Since its inception 30 years ago, Natio has followed the guiding principle that nature nurtures best. It's for this reason that our products today still harness the healing and rejuvenating plant nutrients that are tried and true. If you are looking to revamp your skincare routine and would prefer to opt for positive results rather than trendy ingredients, try taking the Skincare Finder quiz. This quick questionnaire will help ascertain your key needs and provide a morning, evening and treatments routine in just a few minutes. 

Self care everywhere

If there is one thing we’re keeping in mind this year, it’s that self-care is more than just a face mask and candles. Self-care should be a holistic routine that includes the whole bodyBe sure to treat dry legs to a rejuvenating exfoliation with the Spa One Minute Body Polish, followed with a hydrating Spa Coconut & Shea Body Butter to leave skin refreshed year round. Also don’t forget to give your elbows some love!     

Your mind works hard every day too, so when you decide to do a pampering night at home, take some extra time for mindfulness to truly rest and rejuvenate. To assist, diffuse some essential oils, play some relaxing, meditative music and drift into a space of tranquility and calm. 

essential oils

Ultimately all skincare routines change with your lifestyle, and like all good habits, they take practice to get it just right. Don’t be too hard on yourself and take time to find what works for you. Keep in mind the Natio guiding principle as you head into the new year: Love being you.